January 2008


First of all, Aquarius Soft would like to wish you a happy and successful 2008! May your wishes for the new year all comes true!

We are glad to announce the new BePunctual Visitor Management System that is designed to help you manage and track your visitor effortlessly and at the same time gives your visitor a great impression of your company.

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What’s New

  1. New BePunctual Visitor Management System
  2. BePunctual Server 3.0 incorporates visitor management feature
  3. Elegant visitor sign in software enhances your corporate image
  4. Printing professional visitor passes is now a breeze
  5. What’s Next

1. New BePunctual Visitor Management System

  • Want to give your visitors great first impressions and portrait a professional corporate image?
  • Need an easy to use and comprehensive visitor registration system to manage your visitors?
  • Need to perform visitor pre-registration for your visitors prior to your events?
  • Want to print elegant visitor passes for your visitors?
  • Need to track your visitors and instantly know visitor sign in and out status?

With BePunctual Visitor Management System, you can do all the above and more….

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2. BePunctual Server 3.0 now incorporate visitor management functions

BePunctual Server 3.0 now incorporate the following visitor management functions:

  • Visitor pre-registration
  • Configure visitor alerts
  • data house-keeping
  • Visitor tracking
  • Printing of visitors status in the Today’s Tab

For existing users of BePunctual, simply update to the latest version 3.0 of the Server software and you will get the new visitor management features for free!

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3. Elegant Visitor Sign In Software Enhances Your Corporate Image

If you like BePunctual Group Punch Station, then you will like this elegant visitor sign in software which is designed with the same ease of use and configurability.

With BePunctual Visitor Station, your visitors will be able to perform self-registration easily and they will be impress with your visitor registration process….first impression counts….

The software that lets your visitors do the following:

  • Visitor self-registration
  • Visitor sign in
  • Visitor sign out
  • Visitor badging

For existing customers of BePunctual, you just need to purchase this module to implement the entire visitor management system in your organization.

Click visitor sign in software for more information of this new software.

4. Printing professional visitor passes is now a breeze

BePunctual visitor software comes with built-in visitor pass templates that you can use straight away to print professional visitor passes for your visitors when they register or sign in at the visitor software computer.

Furthermore, the Brother P-Touch QL-550 Quick PC Label Printer we choose to work with BePunctual has the following cost saving features:

  • It prints out high quality visitor passes
  • It is affordably priced
  • Thermal print technology eliminates toner, ink and ribbon costs.
  • No maintenance needed.
  • Its easy to install
  • Fast printouts
  • It comes will free built-in tools that lets you create your own visitor passes easily

When a visitor sign in, you can choose the visitor pass design to print based on the visitor type:

Click visitor passes for more information of the templates that are bundled with the visitor sign in software.

5. What’s Next

Biometric fingerprint punch in and out will be supported next…stay tuned!

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