Visitor Self-registration is a breeze with User-Friendly Visitor Sign In Software

BePunctual visitor sign in software is so user friendly that visitor can perform self-registration easily with zero or minimum guidance from your receptionist or security guard. This helps to reduce the work load of your staffs.

The 4 steps registration steps is as follows:

Step 1: Enter a unique visitor ID

The unique ID can be their passport ID or their vehicle ID or even their credit card number etc. A visitor ID bar code scanner can be use to scan in the visitor ID.

Step 2: Enter Visitor Particulars

After entering the visitor ID, the next screen will ask the visitor for his/her particulars.

At this point, the visitor can retake his/her photo if needed.

Step 3: Enter the Purpose of Visit

The next screen will ask the visitor to enter his/her purpose of visit and the host name.

Step 4: Print Visitor Pass

Finally, the “today’s message” will be display and you can print out a visitor pass of the visitor if a supported visitor pass printer is installed.

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