Visitor Tracking

BePunctual visitor management system lets your staffs tracks visitor sign in/out status instantly at any computer running the visitor sign in software.

Simply click on the Who’s In/Out button, the status of any visitor can be track.

The visitor sign in software lets you filter visitors by:

  • Visitor Type
  • Visitor Name
  • Who has signed-in
  • Who has signed-out
  • Who has not signed-in

You can see the following information of each visitor:

  • Visitor Name
  • Visitor Personal ID
  • Visitor Visitor ID
  • Last Sign In Time
  • Last Sign In Remarks
  • Last Sign In Location
  • Last Sign Out Time
  • Last Sign Out Remarks
  • Last Sign Out Location

Your BePunctual administrator can also perform visitor tracking on the BePunctual visitor management software Today’s screen:

During and emergency, visitor status report can be print instantly using any of the visitor software.

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